Michele Corgiat
marriage and family therapist

About me

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Modesto, CA. I have been working as a counselor for 20 years and have experience working with children, family and adults. I know that the journey to finding the right counselor for you and your family can be a challenging one. This web site is designed to provide you with information regarding some of the services I provide, as well as understanding who I am and how I work as a therapist.

Counseling Services

During this time of COVID-19 and the rules of social distancing, I am offering online video sessions as well as re-opening my office with new considerations for social distancing.  Face to face appointments will be held on days when other clinicians are not in the office and will be spaced out to minimize contact.   Seating is also utilizing the 6 foot rule.   If you are interested in counseling services in either venue, please contact me.


I have come to the conclusion that feeling somewhat lost and conflicted over our roles and identity in life must be pretty normal for a woman of my age.  We have heard of the infamous “mid-life crisis” but it really has a negative connotation.  Do I need to get Botox lips, a butt lift, new boobs, a new spouse, or take up some hobby or sport that we never imagined anybody in their right mind doing to find peace?
 All of the evidence of a mid-life crisis that I have listed are just the symptoms of something much deeper.   What are we trying to accomplish?  What are we looking for?  What are we trying to gain?  The answer to each of these questions is, “identity” or what I like to call our “me”. 
Our society throws so many messages at us regarding what we need to accomplish, how we are supposed to look, and who we are supposed to be.  We have seen glimpses of her over the years in that little girl, teenager, or young woman who felt some level of confidence, but has gotten lost in the overwhelming flood of disappointment and feelings of failure.  Join me as we travel this journey together to find our “me”.