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Looking in the mirror
by Michele Corgiat on August 21st, 2017

     Have you ever found yourself glancing at your reflection each time you pass by a mirror?  It seems almost like a natural reflex.  We don't believe ourselves to be prideful or vain, but we do stop to fix an out of place hair, or notice a blemish we didn't see before or may even scowl at the person looking back at us because she doesn't meet our expectations of what we think she should look like.  No matter the reason, however, we looked... It's seems so natural to catch a glimpse of our physical self.  Why does it become  so difficult  to look at our true self in the mirror?  The self that may have emotional wounds and scars.  The self that seems unbearably uncomfortable to focus on .  Is she not worthy of attending to?  Or are we afraid of the pain that this attention will cause?  
During my early 20's I worked briefly at a convalescent hospital.  It was big news when we had a new resident that came to us under the age of 45 years old.  She was admitted for wound care caused by a post surgery infection.  Part of this care was to leave the wound open but packed so that nurses could clean it out daily.  As I passed by her room one afternoon, she called me in to look.  It was seriously gross and caused me great discomfort to even view.  I couldn't imagine the discomfort she was enduring but quickly realized that this was the price she paid in order to find health.   We too, must endure the discomfort that self-reflection can cause in order to find emotional, relational and even spiritual health.  We too have to experience procedural "cleaning" in order to rid ourselves of the infections within our lives.  Whether it's negative or shame based thoughts, unhealthy habits, unforgiveness, or pridefulness, we are need of facing the infection  so that it does not destroy us.  

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